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    Mass Effect Andromeda – Combat Profiles & Squads Gameplay Trailer

    by Chief4 months 3 days ago
    A new Mass Effect: Andromeda trailer was just released a few hours ago by the team behind it, BioWare. Last week we have already seen the very first video of this series which introduced us to the combat part of the game and the basic types of enemies which will be encountered during playing the game. This new video is about combat profiles, squads (for the missions) and they've already informed us what the next video will be about: exploration. Players are allowed to change combat profiles on the fly during com...

    Shenzhen: The Silicon Valley of Hardware (Full Documentary) by WIRED

    by Chief4 months 5 days ago
    Shenzhen, China is not just a place of cheap low-end smartphones, cheat knock-offs or low quality labor. The city in the last decade has made strides into the hardware industry and recently has became a big hub for companies from Europe, the United States and the rest of Asia. The local factories and the great number of entrepreneurs from all over China and the rest of the world. This documentary shows the viewers how the city came to be, how the city and its tech industry is as of today and what the future hold...

    Confirmed: AMD Ryzen will have an RGB stock cooler

    by Chief4 months 5 days ago
    It was confirmed on the AMD Ryzen event that the new AMD Ryzen lineup CPUs are going to have RGB LED stock coolers. We also have some information on the price of these CPUs and on their release date:Ryzen 1800X (most powerful) 8 cores - 16 threads (3.6GHz stock, 4.0GHz boost) ($499) 95WRyzen 1700X 8 cores - 16 threads (3.4GHz stock, 3.8GHz boost) ($399) 95W Ryzen 1700 8 cores - 16 threads (3.0Ghz stock, 3.7GHz boost) ($329) 65WLater this year: Ryzen 1600X (6 cores - 12 threads), 1500 (6 cores - 12 threads),...

    Mass Effect Andromeda – Combat Gameplay Trailer

    by Chief4 months 1 week ago
    Mass Effect Andromeda will be release on the 21st of March (next month) this year. Before the release date - it looks like - we are getting a bunch of short gameplay trailers and showcases about the game's upcoming features and the possibilities which will exist in the next addition to the Mass Effect series. The combat trailer informs the viewers about the classes of available weapons, unlockable and upgradable skills and some combat strategies when engaging shielded, armored or mechanized enemy units. ...

    The Skyrim Special Edition Creation Kit is now Available For Download!

    by Chief7 months 3 weeks ago
    This is going to be a very quick update for everybody who is playing the new Skyrim Special Edition (Skyrim Remastered) or was creating mods for the old-gen Skyrim game. Bethesda officially announced on twitter that their new Skyrim Special Edition Creation Kit is now available for download. Many mod creators were waiting for this very tweet, because of the 64bit nature of the new Special Edition the old mods are not going to work most of the time if they are not ported onto the new game. The tweet has also refe...

    Nintendo Switch may not have a touchscreen but includes a Nvidia Tegra-based GPU

    by Chief8 months 5 days ago
    After the official announcement of the Nintendo Switch console, which will be coming out (if goes as planned) in March, next year, we have much more questions than answers. At the moment we do not know if the dockable console will or won't have a touchscreen, we don't know anything detailed in terms of specification and we don't have enough information on the range and types of games which will be coming out to the Switch, formerly known as NX. Bethesda didn't give any specific info about the Elder Scolls V: Sky...

    Artificial Intelligence Creating Video Games and Software

    by Chief8 months 3 weeks ago
    By all the signs we are living the very last years of a world which has no Artificial Intelligence out there widely available helping or even replacing human beings. AI will definitely enable us new technologies, unveil hidden worlds as of today, and hopefully help humanity to not just technologically but to advance spiritually. Today the very technology which was dreamed up by the children of the '80s, who had dreams back in their childhood imagining virtual words rich with interactions and a headset or a devic...

    14,000 Copies of Super Distro – Free from OpiumPulses

    by Chief1 year 7 months ago
    14,000 Copies of Super Distro FREE from OpiumPulses. That's right, Opium Pulses' biggest giveaway yet is now live on their website! 14,000 copies of Super Distro exclusively for members of the Opium Pulses website. No social accounts required, no entry fees, no catches! Just be a member of the community and the game is yours, for free! You can find the game for free in the store below!/product/873/super-distroEnjoy all! ...

    Fallout 4 – Debut Trailer

    by Chief2 years 3 weeks ago
    The very first trailer of Fallout 4 was released and all the previous speculation was confirmed. Fallout 4 will take place in Boston, more precisely around Vault 111. There is not much information available as of now, I guess we will have to wait till the E3 of this year, just about 2 weeks from now. It’s kinda strange that the developers of the game have released several images of their development kit and some pieces of information about this game, but the head staff of Bethesda always rejected and denie...

    Blogging and Writing contest! Prizes: 2x Titanfall

    by Chief2 years 2 months ago
    Win one of the two Titanfall digital product keys by expressing your opinion about tech, video games or by writing guides, reviews or just posting about videos. If you write at least one post or article about anything gaming or tech related on GamersPost between 24th April and 1st May you have the chance to win one of the two Titanfall games (digital edition). The more posts you write the bigger your chance is to win a Titanfall game. Every single post is counted as a new entry into the contest. Your post must b...

    Bloggers and Writers Wanted!

    by Chief2 years 2 months ago
    GamersPost is not just a social site, it's not just an ordinary website, GamersPost is special. I have been working on the programming and on the design for 3 years now. GamersPost is a creative content writing platform. GamersPost is all about Writing Posts, Articles, Reviews, News, but you can also Share your Opinions and Ideas. Find and Follow your favorite authors and get the latest updates on topics you are interested in.I would like to get some help with writing articles. How ...

    The modern reality and fate of Game DVDs and Blu-Rays

    by Chief2 years 2 months ago
    I can remember when I was about 9 years old and my father and my mother brought me to the supermarket and bought some video games for me and for my brother, sometimes when my brother or I had birthday my grandpa was also with us, and we were looking for good and enjoyable games, I suppose this was the way how most of us bought games back then: we went to the store and picked them up. Nowadays most of us are buying games digitally on Steam, on Amazon, on Origin or at other online stores and outlets. CDs, DVDs and...

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