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Batman: Arkham Origins Review

Here we are after 2 years Batman: Arkham Origins has released from Warner Bros. Entertainment, not from Rockstready Studios. Rocksteady handled over the game Batman: Arkham City and here is the final product.

The setting and the young Batman

Batman: Arkham Origins Review

We are in Gotham city with the young Batman, five years before Arkham Asylum. Our main character, Batman is strong, fast and he has no doubt in it what he is doing. He takes every night the city streets and makes criminals fear from justice. It is Christmas Eve and there are very bad guys out there, like Black Mask who has put a 50 million dollar bounty on Batman’s head. Eight of the most fearsome, trained and money-hungry assassins want his head out there risking innocent lifes and doing pretty everything to make Batman show up. In his 2 years of super career he was in the shadows, but he is come to the light and in many ways he is alone in the city and the city he wants to protect is his greatest threat. This night draws Batman out of the shadows and he isn’t known widely, only some people have seen him, but they can’t even say what is he.

Batman has more gadgets and upgrades than ever before and he is smart too: gets away from very close situations, saves the city from Black Mask and makes the corrupt police force realize that they can help defeat some bad guys.

These are the assassins:


sniper, quick trigger, itchy finger


veteran marksman, as skilled in close quarters as Batman, product of a failed experiment


the poisonous contortionist


90% of his body was burned, pyromaniac


has a shocking intro that’s for sure

Killer Croc

deformed criminal


master martial artist


a Mexican criminal and a kind of wrestler

Our main character doesn’t know Joker yet… but not for long…

Batman: Arkham Origins Review
Batman: Arkham Origins Review

As a rookie in the world of criminals Batman knows some people, but everything is changing and mixing up here and he is going to get know the worst of the worst he has ever seen, his ‘another side’: The Joker. The Joker is a funny, stylish man, who has the guts to do everything in that way he wants to do. He is the exact opposite of Batman: no thinking, make fun of everything and joy every single crime he does. Batman is a very cold, fearless and feared person from Joker perspective, but he is going to become a ‘sort of friend’ for him. Maybe: Joker does the crimes all the time, and makes big things and here comes Batman: he will be the only one who can stop Joker.

In this game we get maybe a better view of the comics and the series aswell from these interesting perspectives and from this really interesting story.

Batman: Arkham Origins Review

The gameplay

The gameplay hasn’t changed much: they have only added some new moves, some counter animations and a couple of new enemy types. Pretty much the exact same, but remember the ‘If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.’ recepie. We cannot blame too much in this case the developers, because there is not really a thing Batman can’t do or handle. They could have improved on some short of things, but we are have to really find an extremely creative person to get know which stuffs they could added to the game.

Gotham City is kidna’ boring without residents, moving vehicles, only on the other side of the sea we are able to see some car movements on the highways far away from our playing zone. On the streets there are only thugs and police officers.

There are crime scenes which we can investigate and find out how was it happened exactly. There is not too much the player can do, but we can froward or rewind time to find evidences and close the case after we apprehended the suspect.

We can play investigation as sidequests too and there are more beyond that: challenges, crimes, unsolved puzzles and hostage situations!

Batman: Arkham Origins Review

Map design& audio

The new world is more than the twice of the city of Batman: Arkham City game. Map design is a strongsuit of the game as before. We can see fascinating maps around the story missions and in fact there is no lower or worse quality location I can say from the entire game. Gotham City is much bigger area than in the previous episode, but the sights of the city are the same: Gotham Merchant’s Bank, Clocktower, the alley where Wayne Bruce’s mother and father were killed and there are so much more things to see!

Joker’s amusement park in the prison is really fascinating and I guess this is a very good way to bring fun and variety into a very serious game.

The voice actors have really put in everything they had, Batman’s voice can be familiar for you from Assassin’s Creed (Ezio Auditore da Firenze) or from many other games. Maybe the acting of Joker’s voice actor is the most purely brilliant. The voices and the music as well other audio really fit in the game and in the story.

Batman: Arkham Origins Review
Batman: Arkham Origins Review
Batman: Arkham Origins Review
Batman: Arkham Origins Review
Batman: Arkham Origins Review
Batman: Arkham Origins Review

First-ever Batman Arkham multiplayer

The Batman Arkham series haven’t got much experience in creating a multiplayer mode. The multiplayer feels a little unbalanced and tricky too with some glitches. There are 3 teams: the hero team (Batman& Robin), Joker’s team and Bane’s team. The teams have the opportunity to unleash their fearful masters who has special moves and weapons.


Batman: Arkham Origins with the big beatdowns, the impressive storytelling and the great brand-new investigation mode has earned 9.1 from Gamerspost. We has now finished with this game, playing some sidequests, but we are already waiting for the next Batman game, which is going to be much more impressive, not just because the new story, the next-gen graphics and the bigger map with maybe residents, moving cars and the Batmobile, but because of we are wanting to know what is capable of Batman, his casual part Bruce Wayne and the city on other side, the living and breathing Gotham City!

Batman: Arkham Origins Review
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Great story,
Nice mapping and locations,
The quality that you are expecting from the successor of Batman: Arkham City


No new groundbreaking mechanisms,
No moving vehicles and residents on the streets

Editor Rating
Environment& Story


Presentation& Graphics

Replay value

Total Score

Bottom Line

We are already waiting for the next Batman game!

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